Sleepy Fox Studio



Ideal for authors in need of something quick and professional
$ 175
  • ebook cover
  • textless promotional art
  • cover reveal graphic
  • .png of title block


Ideal for contemporary, cozy, (most) horror and thriller
$ 275
  • ebook cover
  • textless promotional art
  • cover reveal graphic
  • .png of title block


ideal for fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy
$ 395
  • ebook cover
  • large banner promo art sized 3000x6000px
  • cover reveal graphic
  • .png of title block
  • paperback wrap for 1 distributor


  • paperback or case laminate
  • hardcover dust jacket
  • hardcover + case laminate
  • revisions for additional distributors


  • easy breezy
    budget-friendly package for those who want something quick, clean, and professional.
  • bells & whistles
    includes .epub for ebook, .pdf for print, 1 custom scene break divider, 1 custom chapter header image. base prices can change dependent on complexity of project, e.g. additional chapter headers, etc.
  • ebook only
  • print only
  • books over 200,000 words
    +$50 per 100,000 words
  • multi-book collections
    +$50 per book


  • beta reading line edits
    $.0050 per word
  • blurb edit - a little boost
    we rewrite your existing blurb, asking clarifying questions as needed, to create punchier lines and hooks, and keep your blurb at an ideal 200 words.
  • blurb - fix me up, doc
    the whole shebang. you don't even need to have a blurb ready. hand over a 1-page synopsis, and we'll write your blurb from scratch.

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